Monday, 10 April 2017

Week 9

I saw someone  looking at me at the back of the park but i didn’t know who was it but i just know that i was huotend i just want to run away but my leg was shaking i was just standing there like a plastic doll and i feel that i was going to die but it was just a cardboard i take a deep breath and when i look back he was in front of me he said haaaaaaaaaa you a dead i tried to push him away but my hand feel like it was num and i was crying. But when i saw him put something over my face i heard my mum scream and said bring him back and the old man said no i know what was he was coming for he said where was the gold he said tell me what he want to know and then he will let me go then i  said no it is my dad and he said they he will kill him i was shaked and i said to him if he want to kill my dad you can kill me to but please don’t kill my dad and let him live but when i heard the person it was the wrong kid he ask me what was my name and i said it was LAnzie then he said oh no we got the kid president and then they were angry and they said that they don’t want to arrest them and then i said shame on you then the men said  

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