Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Looking forward to 2017

I am looking forward to 2017 that i will have fun with the new year 7 and even that i will looking forward to learn more about them and even know some new people who is come to the year 7&8 people and that will be cool so.

 I am gonna try my best at being good to the teacher and using my wits and that will be hard for me but when ever i will get it right i will be proud of my self but i have to tell a teacher when something wrong but don't even take it your self.

 Have a fight that is the wrong thing to do so i will looking forward that the teacher will help me at doing that and that will help me a lot and i hope that the new year 7 know about me and even that they will be respect full and using there wits to there teacher.


The reason that i chose Mexico that they play Basketball and even they have the best food that i really like and even it is the best country ever but even they a good at making the best food so the other reasons is that i like Mexico that they.

 A just good at making stuff like hammer sword and even they make there own shoe so that why i like Mexico because they only make there own stuff with out anyone help i really like that they a just they. Like Mexico because.

 They have lots of stuff in there and even it hot but they love it when it is hot because that can grow water melon and even so fruit so they can eat and even it just grow but it self but when it grow the kids can just pick them up and.

 Eat them because it is just fruit but when ever you get snap they will still say that you can pick some because they a kind and even they don't really worry about it because they know that the kids can take care there fruit and that why they don't worry that much so that is cool.

Even it is cool that they have more people in on little city of Mexico and this is how many people is in Mexico  8,918,653 in 2016 and it is big in one little country even they should move to some were that it is not large like New Zealand that is not are big country but they can make New Zealand get more people or make it even then the other country so that will be alright. 

Monday, 12 December 2016

Lanzie Prize giving and Picnic

On Thursday we had Prize Giving the little kids up to year 4 was on two o'clock to 3 and even the year 5 up to year 8 and the time was on 7 o'clock to 8 : 30 everyone had fun at dancing and sing but it was the year 5 turn to dance and there dance was pretty good  i like there one because they ere sing and enjoying it and even i look in there eyes that they a having fun and enjoying it.

But know it was the year six i didn’t like it because they were not sing it and even not enjoying there were not on the beat and not even on the right step because some people went in the wrong side because that why that they were at the back because they might be embraced when they go to the wrong way and that will be sad to them.

And then it went to the year 7 i know that we were so amazing that we did the right dance but only one mistake for me when we were doing the year 7 from Pt england school but that was my fault for not doing the right thing but  now i  know that it is cool for dancing and to sing when i was 5 year old my dad always tell me to lead the tongan song because i can hold the notes as long and even to be loud as a tiger i like sing and it is lifting my spirit.

And kow it was the year 8 it was so sweet when they were dancing but it was just sad that they were gonna leave pt england school but it sad to me because some of the year 8 it my best best friend but it is okay because i can see them some day and play with them and that will be cool.

On Friday we went to the whole school picnic it was lots of fun the year 1 get to swim  first and even keeps on going but i was playing volley after the some touch and rugby and it was lot of fun at the pt england.

Beach because it was lot of fun playing around with my friends and even spend time with year 8 but it was cool that we get to relax under the tree and just talk but it was just lot of fun but it was not great for me.

That my best best friend didn’t come to the picnic  so that was my sad they but it was okay that some of my old friends came and help me on putting on my bag to the tree because it was so hard and even it was so so cool.

Lanzie Ratio Practice

Lanzie Liam Malone history

Lanzie if i were prime minister

Friday, 2 December 2016

Lanzie Room 5 be cyber smart

Room 5 Cyber smart:

Room 5 movie was all about Cyber smart there was 3 boys who was being doggy in on phone it was Simon phone but this is the characters Simon Henry Taiha Tamori. It was not. Respect for was that they use go away and care , gap it yea you don’t have the guts,oh gy.

It is not good to say that if the teacher is a woman and they say that it is a man but that is not good for teacher and it is not Strive to succeed at all. But when you do that you might.

Be in re-think our you will say sorry to Miss Four sita but don’t do that to a teacher but they did but it is okay the school can handle it so that mean that we can handle our self but.

Not other people but room 5 people they should do it more better. Because it is too much slang word and some people won't handle it. And maybe they would do that to their teacher and that will.

Be sad to there teacher and then you will be in re - think and that will be not good for either of you and your family.

It is not good for young kids because they use  go away and care , gap it yea you don’t have the guts,oh gy. So they might do that to there little sister and even those words will stick.

In their head and keep on saying it and it is not good for them and even they might do that to their teacher. That is very very not good so that mean that not hoe pt england way so just keep it up pt england and be strive to succeed.

But when they do something that they a not gonna do and you have the promes you have to keep it to yourself and you will never do it again so that mean that you will never do it again so goodbye i hope you have the best day.I will give Room 5 as a 2 star because they use bad words and even they should put in something that it is more familiar to us but they didn’t.


Once upon a time there was a man called Desmond he went around to look at something that he always want to go it was California  that was his favorite thing in the whole entire.

Earth that was his first idea to get something so that mean that he have to earn money by working for Lanzie but he said that whenever he have to work he say that you.

Have to say that you have to pay Desmond $50 a day but Lanzie said no only $20 but when he said to Lanzie that he will work everyday so Lanzie said okay then i will give $200 okay it is a deal.

So Desmond keep on working hard one day he had  $700 so he said to himself that he is going right now and look for a job that it is cooler then lanzie job so he said okay then i will go to.

California and find a job that it is really really good for me and to do the right thing everyday so when i got the tickets to go to California but when i hopped in the plain
And i saw.

This man he said that you a going to go to this weird house after this flight but Desmond said okay then let me see this old house maybe i will like that house so i can live in but he said that it is very very very scary nobody never ever went to that house.

But nobody made. that house but do you know who made that house and Desmond said tell me but the old man said this it just growed but it self under ground nobody never went to that house again he only said that he won’t gonna go To that house again but Desmond said i ain't gonna buy that house it is so freaky and even no way i ain't gonna look at it and even i am not going to go to that little city so i hope you don’t tell me anything.

Else but that house okay so go and find your seat because i want to sit in my chair but the man said that we a in the chair mate and Desmond said what you will still going to talk about that house.

So when flight was almost 2 hour they were almost there but there was only 1 more hour left so when it was half an hour left he said ouch my back hurt i think there is something that it is hurting my back i hope my back will be better when i get to California i will go to the.

Doctor and check my back because i can feel this red red thing in his back when he went to the bathroom and check what happen to my back but do you know what this man told him on his mind that he is going to pop up in the bathroom so he said okay then i will hold your neck.

And chuck you in the bin so you will never ever come again to me and the other people just go and never come back ever again so you should come when i will be angry or if i feel like if i want to die but not this time it is only that i want to hear about this freaky house.

But do you know what it was you you at the one who go on people's mind so don’t go on there mind or wait you can only go on my mind and not the other people mid just mine is that a deal and the ghost said okay it is a deal.

But at the end Desmond feel like he was sick but do you know what he was just a good man but everybody know that he save there life so they said that they will remember  Desmond when he died and when they save their life the end.

Lanzie Subtract and Decimal Fractions

Monday, 10 October 2016

Sticky Moments

How many matchsticks did may ling use when she made each of the patterns shown below?\

A.10 Squares/ how many sticks   = 31 pattern = adding

B.10 Mountains/ how many sticks= 41  pattern = adding

C.10 stick people / how many sticks = 41  pattern = adding 4

D.10 cubes/ how many sticks= 54    pattern = adding 5

Activity 2

How many match stick would may ling need to make.

A.20 squares how many 62 stick

B.20 mountains 102 sticks

C20 stick people 82 sticks

D20 cubes 108 sticks

Activity 3
Draw your own growing matchstick pattern write a Question about it for your class to answer:
Screenshot 2016-10-10 at 2.30.19 PM.png
How many stick that i put into this? Just skip count or just add them all together if you know the answer put one finger in you noise.

Friday, 23 September 2016


Highlight of term

When AI came back from Tonga I miss out of the first term I said to myself that I am not gonna came to school but when my brother came back for the first day I said to him how was school he said that it was great so I stop right in my uncle's house and think I said to myself I missed out lot of fun stuff that I did but i just know but tomorrow I will go to school and meet my teacher so when I came in the next day Miss Clark Welcome me to her class it was so Excited for me.


I like first term that i made it to the BFG I said to myself i’m ain't gonna get one Bradley got one just in front of me and said yes but I just look down but when I look at the top of me Miss Berry said to me here you BFG trip then i said yes i got one so when we went to the movie it was so cool that we can get chocolate , Coca Cola and even lollipop but people who got to go they said that they only  got biscuit but Mr Wiseman said that it is okay Because i forgot to put biscuit as well  so when we got there to the movie we had to sit in lines of group of 4 because we had to have 3 parnter to sit with and eat so when the movie started it was was a giant that is a friendly one he doesn't like to eat human people because he said that when he eat human people that mean that he is a killer but the folder was shaking and i was shaking as well then when the movie finished we had to go back to school and do our work.

Funny Moment

My Funny moment when Owen got snapped playing delugerpg it is all about pokemon he always said to Miss berry that he is not gonna play pokemon ever again even tomorrow but do you know what he still play delugerpg so. He got snapped from Lanzie & Wesley so he said to don’t tell but do you know what don’t ever hide something that it is applied to the teacher just tell them and they can shout them out okay Wesley. So he said yes so we went to Miss Berry and said that Owen was on delugerpg so Miss Berry went on Dashboard and look who was on the right thing and not the right thing so when Miss Berry. Typed in Owen it show up that he was on delugerpg with Desmond so me and Wesley started to laugh that he got caught but do you know what he only had one more chance if he do it again he will hold Miss Telea hand and walk around team 5 block so me and Wesley said or he look like a little Baby don’t cry Oween you shouldn't be doggy at all so that was my Funny moment.


I like Youthtown because we get to do fun stuff like B-Ball and even ball tagy we can play anything you like but only the outside door so we were playing Dogg ball that was the best game that i like because i chuck the ball into Zackaria and he trip over because he jump up and came back down and fell so. I said to him if he is okay so the Youthtown people laugh and said are you alright i am sorry but it is just funny so the Youthtown people said to me if it is my best game ever and i said yes because i played this. When i was just 5 years old just before that when i didn’t like to play Basketball so go Youthtown i like it so best that i want to play it everyday it is so cool come on everybody like Youthtown.

Cross Country

When it was on Friday we had Cross Country I was so scared to run I was not ready because my leg was shaking and my hand my heart was beating fast it was just like a beat that Matua Lewin did to me so I sing along to my favorite song the song was Don’t Mind.When Mr But said to look at the back he said that. We can’t come to the Finish line only at the cone that it say come over here so i keep on looking at the same thing so it can stick into my mind but I didn’t heard Mr Burt to say go but i only heard to bang but i thought it was they girls turn who was just sitting down on the grass but when. I look back saw all of them running so I started  to sport as fast as I can and I catch up to the others so I came 6th in sprinting  so when i was jogging with Lomio-Lee I said to Lomio can I just sprint the whole way without stopping he said up to me so I said okay then I will try to catch up to Junior. Okay so I ran as fast as I can I can feel me bones is gonna come of my heart was burning up just like a like a BBQ so I keep on running and then I saw Junior walking to take. A rest so I said to him wait but he still didn’t hear me so I use last of my Energy and then I catch up to him then I said later bro so he started to sprint to me so he can catch up to me so we can. Run together so when he catch up to me he said that he is gonna beat me so I said okay then you can go in front of me so when I said to him hurry up before Lomio-Lee is coming as fast as him. So we sprinted it and then that was out my first lapped it is one more lap to go so me and Junior were gasing the whole way without stopping but when i came 7 th. I said to my friends that I am proud of myself unless that I didn’t can 1st 2nd or 3rd they a good but the only thing thing is that you have to be proud of yourself what number that you came.

Thank you for the teacher

Thank you for the teacher who help me on my writing and my math i like to help you guys to do anything i hope you have a good Holiday and have and nice day.

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Friday, 16 September 2016

Lanzie About Sonny Bill William


Once upon a time there was a boy called Jalen he like to ride a bike he was the 2nd to last goodest to ride a bike.So when ever he go’s on the race he alway come 5 or 2 in the race but do you know what he can’t ride. A bike he all way cheat a lot he get this kind of robot that drive but it self but do you know what. Nobody can do anything about it because the man who built it he was a famous man that he can do anything. That he like if he want to cheat he can but one person called Lanzie he was about to under arrest. Jalen that he had to race the baddest guy in the whole entire earth he name was. Bradley he can crash people he can fight he will knock people out and even he will get money just like that.But when it was time to race with him he went threw this short cut and told on this to Lanzie. I am gonna kill Bradley right now so i can get this money that will be 5 mill that i can have to myself. Then Lanzie said you can’t i am at the back of you i always follow you wherever you go because. I know that you a gonna race him. So Jalen went to the side and Lanzie went to the left side. Because Lanzie know a shortcut next to hill field that he can stop Bradley from racing with him when. Jalen look back he was gone but Lanzie saw him in the other side with this guy racing with him. Who ever get into Bradley first but Lanzie saw them just in time and you up all of his. Speed and went up to the air and came back down and stop Jalen from from driving but he crash Lanzie. And Lanzie said what the hack move back you will pay for this and when he did it he called. Bradley and said you won Jalen lost he about to kill you and Bradley said thank you i will give. You 5 mill so you can quit that job and go ever you want so when he said to him where. Is Jalen Lanzie said just with me i will give you him so you can do anything you like and they live happily ever after.
Once upon a time there was a gang called the pitchforks they always get something to eat in there country.But they broke the laws. They said that they can do there own thing that what they want because we a hungry no more law. Rules that is not real we will get how many food we like but when it said in the newspaper. It said in it that they broke the law and this is the law mean you have to get only eat one thing it will be a pie. That said without drink.But when they look at the newspaper he said we a in it and Lanzie. Said don’t worry because food is the best thing to us not the rules if we break one rule we will. Break everything  a you with me guys and they said okay then but you better don’t let us go. To the herbal and Aroma place because it smell like poo and we have to wash it every day and. I hate it to be like that because you will only eat one thing only but not lots do you know about it. Guys please don't break all of them before we will get killed but the police but do you know what don’t. Worry we will put makeup on and go to the police station and work there they eat lots of. Stuff they can drink and lot of stuff okay a you in with me but don’t rub of you make up if you do. You will go to jail and clean up the toll it okay and they all said okay so when they went on the car. They took them 4 hours to get there but it was only 11:00 and they got to the city at 2:00. So they went inside and told the manager if they can be a policewoman and a policeman and they. said yes you can how much money do you guys have and Lanzie said how much do we got again. Guys and Bradley said $500000 and the chief said how can you get that. Much money nobody can’t that in a week so bring me all of the money and you will be in you will don’t do. Training you just hop in with out because i can see your face that you already. Done it for 3 month but you still can go but when they went in they had their badge for there whole and they live happily ever after.

Once upon a time there was a mum who got a baby and a little sister they were walking around with the baby to the forest.They were going to the shop to  buy something to eat but there was a homeless man , Who lived in the forest he always kidnaps people and kills them.

He always  wants himself to be the only one in the forest nobody else because he  just likes staying by himself with his teddy bear.He used to marry a beautiful women who  look after him and had one  kid but one day he went on a car and  were going to the valentine's restaurant to eat.

It is like just going out but when they got back they were all junk but his wife was driving they were just laughing and talking about how much fun was it when they were eating and drinking but they were not  wearing sepout.

Once upon a time there was a pirate with a parrot just going around and find some gold to be rich he went to New Zealand there was no gold then they were going to Tonga  that they alway have gold but they found all of them but he only got one gold bar but he said that he want more.

But when he went to samoa he found lots of them but he need something that can carry all of them he doesn't want to hire people to help him because he have to pay them some gold to have but he always want to be for free to hire people but not to  pay but he said that he is gonna get it 2 by 2.

So he went to the big one he only need to get one before it might get crack .So he tried to crash it by himself he walk to the other end of the boat and the he put it nice a cellar for the big one so he went to get the little one so that mean he get to get 4 of them or 10 to carry because it is light.

When he was. Finished there was a big storm that came out of the blue and the private ssad not my gold is gonna disappear but he was to late the sea was just going over him and he was diving in side the boat he was trying to get out but he can’t the. Sea was to strong for him he can’t.

Handle more so he went back to his gas so he can get more angry but  when the boat hit the ground and it went off and bubbles came out of the boat he said to himself i tried my best then the gas thing was finished then he said nooooooo so he never go out so he went down down down and past away so he live happily ever after.

Friday, 2 September 2016


Problem solving 1

                                             We were learning about Time table and stuff like that

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Lanzie Sentence types

On a sunny day my skin was sunburned.  Called Lanzie. He was 24 years old he was a nice man when ever he get lot’s of fish he give them to his family and his friends.When his family say’s thank you he thinks that he is the nice in the family but do you know what. All of their family is kind to him as well.But on evening morning Lanzie went to the sea there was. Nobody was there fishing it was only him with the boat just standing there just doing nothing. So when the sun came up he starting fishing because that mean to him that it is a good luck. That he might get lot of fish and when he got it he miss it and he was angry. Clenching my fist i could feel my fist felt as if it my take off on i t’s own so he said to himself that he will go  home and stay home.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Lanzie Olympics Sentence

Once upon a time there was a man called Desmond. He was lost in the forest because he missed his bus to Auckland. Because he was playing around with a monkey they were talking in monkey. Talk and even in human as well.

When he missed the bus he went back to his house that he made out of leaf and stick and some. String as well to make it tight but it was a cool house to play on but it was freaky at night because some animal doesn't .

Like him to live in the forest because.They might killed him and burned him so they can eat him for lunch So he was the only one who was awake in the forest he only sleep at the morning so the monkey can look after.

Him but do you know what there is lot of monkey then.The Hippo Pornmiss there is only 4 of  them and there name is Damien & Jalen & Mubasher & even Emma Berry They were the guys who is the boss in this Forest.

But there was a light form the side of Desmond face and he always say when there is a light that mean that God is looking after you so tell that Hippo Pornmiss to go away all maby killed. But one Hippo Pornmiss was freinly.

To him and it was a girl her name was Emma Berry she hate her Brother that what she said She fell like that he doesn't want  a brother she want to be the only  Daughter to the. Parent but they die a few week ago.

Image result for Rugby 7 Action shot  Once upon a time there was a boy called Desmond  who play for Rugby 7 he was so good that he can go to the best team ever and play there for a team so when he was excited.

He said that he is gonna be in His A games so he can go on that team and get that cup for New Zealand.

But one thing is that he can’t enter set the ball in the other team. So THe coach that coach then he said that the a VS South Africa so they can Vs Australia in the final but when Desmond  went. In he `got the first try and when it was.

The 2 nd try he got tackled and pass it to Lanzie to get a try so. When he got the ball again he said that he is gonna get this last try to the team and all the team said okay then we will pass it to you. So when it was the 2nd half they.  

Pass it to Lanzie  and this long hair went up to. Lanzie and hold him on his leg so he can’t move he went for the dummy and the long hair. Forget that he passed.

It and he went to the other guy and tackled him without the.  Ball and Desmond got a run away and got a try and he finally got to go to the final and VS Arustrail.  

Image result for rock climbing Once upon a time there was man who love rock climbing when he was a little boy.When he was 19 years old his dad took him out by himself to the dreest to climb into this big. Mountain rock and it was so high nobody can climb there because it was the freaky.

Scary place in the whole tire world and his dad told him if he climbs up top there call. Him on his cell phone so he can come with the helicopter to pick him up so he know that he is already. Up there so he said okay here we go he start.

Climbing half way and his dad held loud as to him don’t look. Down before you fall and hit your self and he said to himself i’m going to die i'm going. to die 4 time and he said to his mind i am gonna make it without stopping.

Take a rest so when he was walking he keep talking to himself so he can calm himself down  when he look up top he was almost there when he look at the bottom it was deep down and he keep on. Climbing to the top.

Can he finally made it but it was a problem he forgot to charge his phone. It was only 10 persent he told to himself maybe it might can just give me ten second to talk to him and he dial 021 21 60279 and press enter and he.

Dad said a up up  there and he said yes i am so he said here we go i’m coming up there with the helicopter okay and he said okay then so he only wait for two minute and it came his dad told him to jump high and he did and he got there and went home.  

In the Holiday There was a boy called Desmond he was so fast then Usain Bolt He beat  him into the 2000 miles he said that he was going to beat him this year Rio Olympic he said that he will get that gold because he lost it from Lanzie because the heat in the first round.

It is his last day at this 2000 miles and that not good for him he was in this from last year but he didn’t and said to me that he is going to suck at everything so he keep on reacting with him and said that he will win it.

He will never cheat again and then the reaf said okay then you a in the race but don’t cheat if i see you you a band it for your whole inner life you will never come back and see this place again just make your own is that clear and he.

Said yes so he just ran as fast as he can and stop in the edge and said to usain bolt that if he can have a race with him and he said yes so they start spreading it to the other end they were coming as a tie and just bate him.

As a tip away and then the ref saw them running and put the speaker on and said to them that Desmond one the round and then Usain Bolt went up to him and said to Desmond don’t come back to me and say that if you want a race okay and Desmond told me okay then.

Once upon a time there was a man called Lanzie and his best best friend called Desmond he was famous he just got to an high level so he keep on going to this best best place that called the berry world you can get them.

For free but only if you being good but if you don’t. You can do something that called the berry you can get black berry green berry and purpure berry.

as well it is so yum because they put something that called the best. Watermelon world  you can get anything from there but it only watermelon if you want to.

know that we had more than the other shop and that good and they live happy ever after.

Image result for DRIP DRIP DROP

Once upon a time it was raining and people heard something that called drip drip drop and when every time that it rain they can hear it but what people say’s that this place called the world of rain they had lot’s and lot’s.

Of water to drink in the whole in tier earth and that where all of the earth get it from but it is a beautiful place to live in you can live there with no rules you can get water melon and and rock.

Melon you can get anything you like.But not a good place to live in if you have to fix your house everyday and you can’t go to the mall and buy something if you want.

To the only thing is to go on a car but not everyday if it rain so hard and you will filled with water and you need a boat. To get there but the only th9ng is that you need to get something so cover yourself in so you can’t.

get wet if you do you might get this dezz that called bull bull bull that mean that you will die and so to hell that not a good thing but this is the good thing you can get another blood from another person

. Only if they want to share blood with you want to give you the whole thing to them they will be in heaven and that good and when it keep on raining we can hear the drip drip drop.

Image result for King LionOnce upon a time there was a king called Berry who like to eat berry.But the only thing that he hate is this mouse who always think he is the man or the woman but this was a queen who came to the king and said to him if they can  marry but the king ask her what was her name.

She said her name is berry she was the best in the whole entire earth and that good to know but the king said that he will think about it because it is so scary.

If i marry you and you will be the boss of me because you a woman and you will have this whole entire earth and i will have nothing. To get if you know and they live happily ever  after.

Screenshot 2016-05-19 at 10.09.58 AM.png Once upon a time there was a name called Junior he was the best at rugby he alway be there when we had the blow over but do you know what when he grow up he will be just like a rugby player whatever he.

like but he didn’t tell me if he want to play in rugby player or. Not but in my heart he will be one and he will be famous and it is cool to have him as my friends.

And that is cool to have him and do you know what i am gonna tell him what is he gonna be when he will grow up i hope he will place for a team at rugby.

or rugby league that will be cool and when i get a child i will tell him that he use to come to my school and he is my best friends.

Image result for John amour @ Once upon a time there was a little boy called John amour he is good at playing soccer he scored lots of ball and do you know what he will be just like Neymar .

Even he like’s to play Basketball but he keep passing the ball so he can get more score if he pass it to there friend because some. Of them a good as well but not that good but only that he made it.

But he is good at making 3 point and 2 point but he is to short but do you know what it is not about who is short it is about talent and being good to the teacher and that how you a good.

He is good at reading because he said that when it get harder he will know what it meant and he will be brain then the other  group do that what he mean so keep it up John armour and that his life.

Image result for Bradley@ptengland.schoolOnce upon a time there was a name called Bradley he was a really nice person he like to play rugby WWE and basketball so that what he like.

So what he most like is basketball that the only thing he want to be in the basketball team but he didn’t make it but he still practices so he know that he will make it the first time.

So see that what champion like you can keep on playing what you like and you will get it you will never know when some one watching at you when you a practicing your skill so you can get better than before.

So that what he like to do so that what he like so thank you for reading.



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On thursday   HIWI THE KIWI came to pt england school they told us that our  parent’s don’t know much about fishing.They told us that when you get a fish.

That it is small you have to get a wet towel and put it back to the water so he said that he got a song about it so put up your hand and do like.

A legal move and show me a bucket of full of water and we were copying it when we were done he said that it is time to sing it and so he said that when there.

A eagle flying in the sky that mean that it is a fish so you have to get a water gun and shot them with it so that can scare  them away. So you can get that fish.

If it is a big fish you have to put it back maybe there will be eggs to get more fish so when it grow up you can get that fish and eat it.But they said that don’t.

Clean it with clean water it won’t taste that good so just get a plastic bag and get some salt water and wash it and when you a finish you can cook it and do you know what it will taste good just like fish and chip.

So he said let us sing this song that he made so he can finish it of with this song and it was the national emotion and his  own song so we sing it after that

. He stop and said thank you for having us so Kolen later came and said a thank you message and said to the whole school to wave like a water and we all did in.

A different time and he said thank you and said to us see you later.