Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Native Trees and Plants of New Zealand

what is Easter?

People have different  beliefs about what is Easter.  Some people believe about Easter eggs  and some people don't  celebrate it.

Ancient Egyptian and persians believe that earth hatched  from an egg.  They celebrated by Decorating  eggs and  bright spring colours. The first chocolate  eggs made from the Germany in the 19th century.   

Christians believe Jesus died in the cross on Easter Sunday. Jesus died for our sins on the cross, it was said resurrected into heaven.

All over the world, there are many beliefs about Easter. At the end of the day, it all depends on what you believe it is all about. What does Easter mean to you?

Friday, 11 April 2014

inu kava kau mea malo that means drikin kava

Feehake do you know what fiafia means fiafia means? In togan is get together and do a dance like a tongan dance. They can do the tongan haka and the girls where a lovely tongan dress. We give out money and sometimes the boys drink inukava  and that what fiafia means.

Malo ele ke ioloi  ae lea ae fiafia koe lea ae fiafia  koe daloga moe toe ae fameli os levr tau iunkava koe fiafia eie thaka malo ke moau alouaeie koeie pea whooo.

The first key competency  you need to fiafia is Managing myself and participating and  contributing to  others and your teacher.

Koe mea pea  koe.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Eating Pikopiko

1. What is pikopiko? is something to eat

2. Where was the pikopiko found? in New Zealand  

3. How do you cook pikopiko? with boiling water

4. What does pikopiko taste like? cucumber and hanburger   

5. Look at some pikopiko on google images. Draw one in detail in Sumo paint or another drawing programme. Publish this on your blog with this heading and sentence:

Blog title:  
Eating Pikopiko

Sentence to copy on with your picture:
We have been reading about eating pikopiko. Pikopiko is a native fern that can be eaten.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Making A Piupiu Part 3

Key Competencies - Reflection

I am grate at Relating to others when they a caring  and that what pt england school do because that what i always do to my friends.

I am great at Thinking because that is my favorite part and I'm good at Thinking and i love it.

i like to go and help each other and most  of the time is good and that the right thing that the one.


i :m good at Relating to others they a my friends and they help me dont push someone.