Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Lanzie Narrative 2

There was a boy named Jack and he was all by himself. He was not allowed to play outside because he get into trouble. When his dad came back he asked if he is allowed to play outside. but his dad said no. Then he push his dad and ran far far away. He saw something that he smell so yummy. He said that he is so hungry. tt he is gonna fall down and broke my arm. But he ran through the  forest and he said that he want to run away. But he was lost. He ran to the other side but he can’t see any light. one moment he saw are wolf. He wanted to run away from the wolf.

But there was a man who came and stop the wolf he said to the wolf stop right there get away from him he said.  Jack is so hungry and he said yes. When he went inside his house there was some trap and he was stuck there and the old man gave him some food to eat. The trap was kind of a net and jack fell so scared that he will kill him. So the wolf can eat all of his body.  The man said that if you want to go home and never do it again and he said yes. And he let him go and told him how to get out of the forest. But in his mind he said to himself  that he looks like  his grandpa my dad said that he lives just in the forest but i feel like i want to go back the end.

Thursday, 11 February 2016


Hi my name is Lanzie i am i room1 in math it is the best class in the world do you know what it the best class ever class ever and when it was time to ruler my book strate and when it was finished we did some math whizz for 45m and it was so long.