Friday, 23 September 2016


Highlight of term

When AI came back from Tonga I miss out of the first term I said to myself that I am not gonna came to school but when my brother came back for the first day I said to him how was school he said that it was great so I stop right in my uncle's house and think I said to myself I missed out lot of fun stuff that I did but i just know but tomorrow I will go to school and meet my teacher so when I came in the next day Miss Clark Welcome me to her class it was so Excited for me.


I like first term that i made it to the BFG I said to myself i’m ain't gonna get one Bradley got one just in front of me and said yes but I just look down but when I look at the top of me Miss Berry said to me here you BFG trip then i said yes i got one so when we went to the movie it was so cool that we can get chocolate , Coca Cola and even lollipop but people who got to go they said that they only  got biscuit but Mr Wiseman said that it is okay Because i forgot to put biscuit as well  so when we got there to the movie we had to sit in lines of group of 4 because we had to have 3 parnter to sit with and eat so when the movie started it was was a giant that is a friendly one he doesn't like to eat human people because he said that when he eat human people that mean that he is a killer but the folder was shaking and i was shaking as well then when the movie finished we had to go back to school and do our work.

Funny Moment

My Funny moment when Owen got snapped playing delugerpg it is all about pokemon he always said to Miss berry that he is not gonna play pokemon ever again even tomorrow but do you know what he still play delugerpg so. He got snapped from Lanzie & Wesley so he said to don’t tell but do you know what don’t ever hide something that it is applied to the teacher just tell them and they can shout them out okay Wesley. So he said yes so we went to Miss Berry and said that Owen was on delugerpg so Miss Berry went on Dashboard and look who was on the right thing and not the right thing so when Miss Berry. Typed in Owen it show up that he was on delugerpg with Desmond so me and Wesley started to laugh that he got caught but do you know what he only had one more chance if he do it again he will hold Miss Telea hand and walk around team 5 block so me and Wesley said or he look like a little Baby don’t cry Oween you shouldn't be doggy at all so that was my Funny moment.


I like Youthtown because we get to do fun stuff like B-Ball and even ball tagy we can play anything you like but only the outside door so we were playing Dogg ball that was the best game that i like because i chuck the ball into Zackaria and he trip over because he jump up and came back down and fell so. I said to him if he is okay so the Youthtown people laugh and said are you alright i am sorry but it is just funny so the Youthtown people said to me if it is my best game ever and i said yes because i played this. When i was just 5 years old just before that when i didn’t like to play Basketball so go Youthtown i like it so best that i want to play it everyday it is so cool come on everybody like Youthtown.

Cross Country

When it was on Friday we had Cross Country I was so scared to run I was not ready because my leg was shaking and my hand my heart was beating fast it was just like a beat that Matua Lewin did to me so I sing along to my favorite song the song was Don’t Mind.When Mr But said to look at the back he said that. We can’t come to the Finish line only at the cone that it say come over here so i keep on looking at the same thing so it can stick into my mind but I didn’t heard Mr Burt to say go but i only heard to bang but i thought it was they girls turn who was just sitting down on the grass but when. I look back saw all of them running so I started  to sport as fast as I can and I catch up to the others so I came 6th in sprinting  so when i was jogging with Lomio-Lee I said to Lomio can I just sprint the whole way without stopping he said up to me so I said okay then I will try to catch up to Junior. Okay so I ran as fast as I can I can feel me bones is gonna come of my heart was burning up just like a like a BBQ so I keep on running and then I saw Junior walking to take. A rest so I said to him wait but he still didn’t hear me so I use last of my Energy and then I catch up to him then I said later bro so he started to sprint to me so he can catch up to me so we can. Run together so when he catch up to me he said that he is gonna beat me so I said okay then you can go in front of me so when I said to him hurry up before Lomio-Lee is coming as fast as him. So we sprinted it and then that was out my first lapped it is one more lap to go so me and Junior were gasing the whole way without stopping but when i came 7 th. I said to my friends that I am proud of myself unless that I didn’t can 1st 2nd or 3rd they a good but the only thing thing is that you have to be proud of yourself what number that you came.

Thank you for the teacher

Thank you for the teacher who help me on my writing and my math i like to help you guys to do anything i hope you have a good Holiday and have and nice day.

LANZIE Blog Commenting

Friday, 16 September 2016

Lanzie About Sonny Bill William


Once upon a time there was a boy called Jalen he like to ride a bike he was the 2nd to last goodest to ride a bike.So when ever he go’s on the race he alway come 5 or 2 in the race but do you know what he can’t ride. A bike he all way cheat a lot he get this kind of robot that drive but it self but do you know what. Nobody can do anything about it because the man who built it he was a famous man that he can do anything. That he like if he want to cheat he can but one person called Lanzie he was about to under arrest. Jalen that he had to race the baddest guy in the whole entire earth he name was. Bradley he can crash people he can fight he will knock people out and even he will get money just like that.But when it was time to race with him he went threw this short cut and told on this to Lanzie. I am gonna kill Bradley right now so i can get this money that will be 5 mill that i can have to myself. Then Lanzie said you can’t i am at the back of you i always follow you wherever you go because. I know that you a gonna race him. So Jalen went to the side and Lanzie went to the left side. Because Lanzie know a shortcut next to hill field that he can stop Bradley from racing with him when. Jalen look back he was gone but Lanzie saw him in the other side with this guy racing with him. Who ever get into Bradley first but Lanzie saw them just in time and you up all of his. Speed and went up to the air and came back down and stop Jalen from from driving but he crash Lanzie. And Lanzie said what the hack move back you will pay for this and when he did it he called. Bradley and said you won Jalen lost he about to kill you and Bradley said thank you i will give. You 5 mill so you can quit that job and go ever you want so when he said to him where. Is Jalen Lanzie said just with me i will give you him so you can do anything you like and they live happily ever after.
Once upon a time there was a gang called the pitchforks they always get something to eat in there country.But they broke the laws. They said that they can do there own thing that what they want because we a hungry no more law. Rules that is not real we will get how many food we like but when it said in the newspaper. It said in it that they broke the law and this is the law mean you have to get only eat one thing it will be a pie. That said without drink.But when they look at the newspaper he said we a in it and Lanzie. Said don’t worry because food is the best thing to us not the rules if we break one rule we will. Break everything  a you with me guys and they said okay then but you better don’t let us go. To the herbal and Aroma place because it smell like poo and we have to wash it every day and. I hate it to be like that because you will only eat one thing only but not lots do you know about it. Guys please don't break all of them before we will get killed but the police but do you know what don’t. Worry we will put makeup on and go to the police station and work there they eat lots of. Stuff they can drink and lot of stuff okay a you in with me but don’t rub of you make up if you do. You will go to jail and clean up the toll it okay and they all said okay so when they went on the car. They took them 4 hours to get there but it was only 11:00 and they got to the city at 2:00. So they went inside and told the manager if they can be a policewoman and a policeman and they. said yes you can how much money do you guys have and Lanzie said how much do we got again. Guys and Bradley said $500000 and the chief said how can you get that. Much money nobody can’t that in a week so bring me all of the money and you will be in you will don’t do. Training you just hop in with out because i can see your face that you already. Done it for 3 month but you still can go but when they went in they had their badge for there whole and they live happily ever after.

Once upon a time there was a mum who got a baby and a little sister they were walking around with the baby to the forest.They were going to the shop to  buy something to eat but there was a homeless man , Who lived in the forest he always kidnaps people and kills them.

He always  wants himself to be the only one in the forest nobody else because he  just likes staying by himself with his teddy bear.He used to marry a beautiful women who  look after him and had one  kid but one day he went on a car and  were going to the valentine's restaurant to eat.

It is like just going out but when they got back they were all junk but his wife was driving they were just laughing and talking about how much fun was it when they were eating and drinking but they were not  wearing sepout.

Once upon a time there was a pirate with a parrot just going around and find some gold to be rich he went to New Zealand there was no gold then they were going to Tonga  that they alway have gold but they found all of them but he only got one gold bar but he said that he want more.

But when he went to samoa he found lots of them but he need something that can carry all of them he doesn't want to hire people to help him because he have to pay them some gold to have but he always want to be for free to hire people but not to  pay but he said that he is gonna get it 2 by 2.

So he went to the big one he only need to get one before it might get crack .So he tried to crash it by himself he walk to the other end of the boat and the he put it nice a cellar for the big one so he went to get the little one so that mean he get to get 4 of them or 10 to carry because it is light.

When he was. Finished there was a big storm that came out of the blue and the private ssad not my gold is gonna disappear but he was to late the sea was just going over him and he was diving in side the boat he was trying to get out but he can’t the. Sea was to strong for him he can’t.

Handle more so he went back to his gas so he can get more angry but  when the boat hit the ground and it went off and bubbles came out of the boat he said to himself i tried my best then the gas thing was finished then he said nooooooo so he never go out so he went down down down and past away so he live happily ever after.

Friday, 2 September 2016


Problem solving 1

                                             We were learning about Time table and stuff like that