Friday, 28 February 2014

Hi this is my friend

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Hi I like my friends.


hi this is our class doing math

Hi my name is Swany

Good Friends

A good friend  is says hello and lets us play with them.  A good friend is playing and sharing  but sometimes we get mad and angry but you just need to. Be nice  and helpful and play nice  
if someone has no friends you say, come you can play.

This is how you play nicely you can play the write thing and sometimes. You can let your friend join in in with your netbook. Sometimes they be naughty and angry at someone, but you don’t  join  in. If you do you are getting in trouble. You just tell your friend to calm down and they will calm down.
My friend is nice, he can run he can let me play and he can lets everyone play. I like my friend he goes to rugby training just like me. I like being kind to other people.