Friday, 24 April 2015

side scrolling video games

                                         WALT create are video game for our game.
We have to create are would to play on then we have to create a weapon if you want bad guys you can add that to your would and you have to create are good guys to kill them.

Thursday, 23 April 2015

My Holidays

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In the Holiday in the first day we went  to the pools we have to go on a car to go to magere pool. and we can do some bombing in there and when my little brother said hold me so he can jump i hold him when he said  let go to.   catch him when he jump i hold him as hard as i can. he said let go to the water slide i said to the man can we go together and he said yes. and when he was going to say go we went as fast as we can it was so cool that we had fun so we went back home.  and my mum said did you have fun i said yes  so when we got there we had some KFC so when we had some KFC we got a ball but i said let me have it but my little brother said no and siokita said no. but my mum said let the little have it and i said that not far but my mum gave me $50 and i said thank you. when we were eating i said let go to the shop and buy something when my mum said can i have $20. i said yes so when my dad said it time to go home know so we did and we went to the park and play when it was 8:00 we went back home and have a shower and went to sleep.