Monday, 27 July 2015

My work

{Lanzie}  I would like  to clean up the classroom because at home, my mum said to clean up my brother's to room and my room. It is so fun because you can help your mother and your brothers too. It is so  cool that  kind of playing around with the pillow and the blanket and my brother  like this job because you have to tidy the classroom and. then you get 50p and it cool because you have to get money and your rich for real life.  thank you for reading my application i hope you chose me to work with my friend.

Tuesday, 21 July 2015

My holday

In the holiday  we went to my friends house we were watching new south vs QLD and when it was starting the new south score a try.and it  was 6 and 0.and QLD score a try when it was over we went to my aunt house and when he said let see who won the game and it was QLD
and it was 52 and 6.and i was so angry that i. lost the game and i said who went for QLD and my brother said it me and i said you wil paid for that ok and he said ok then we  go for for New soth and i said you better say that and that my story.

Monday, 20 July 2015

: by Christian Lanzie problem solving

This is the link for our Math promblem

My birthday

In the weekend it was my birthday we had lot of fun in my birthday they were lot of people came in my birthday and. this is the people who came in my birthday christopher and my brother we had to go to my birthday so we watch some cool movie and it was cool and when it was over i sleep.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

sun smart

1.The sun is so hot. You have to get these 3 important things right. You need a hat, some sunscreen and a good t-shirt to cover you.
Image result for keep calm and stay sun smart
2.You need to keep your hat on if you don t you get sunburn.

3.You need to stay in a shade part if you don't have sunscreen on you have to stay on the shade. You have to put on your sunscreen.

4.You need to put sunscreen on you face.

5.You need to put on your long sleeve and don't take it off. but if you have to do this you have to get those stuff.

L&Ps: New or Interesting Vocabulary

It was so cool to see scientist work hard and it coo to be one.

Lanzie Explaining Your Thinking & Understanding

I have to create a picture of my game and it called the death zone you have to play the game and if you don t you will lose early but if you want to play my game in the ran day it fun.

I know how to do this it was so cool that if you have play it it will blow your mind.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Lanzie Explaining my game

My game is the dead zone we have to get lot of coni and you can change yourself into reading so if you can press z you can run so fast that you can jump high so you can get more coni.

It is run the fred you have to chose how do you want to play with so if you chose him you can buy are ex so you can frow it to the wall and you can get more coni so if you can do this you can go to the next level.

Your challenge is to kill them with your ex if you do it you will get $100 if you lose you have to restart the level but you have to press x lot of time or hold it so you can kill the bad guy so you can go to the next level if you a up to the hill you have to get our car and you can go and race with the person how are racing with  but if you a at the back of him you can get out of your car and frow your ex so he can move and you can go past him.

If you kill him you can get one life but if he kill you he will get his life back if he kill you and you a down you win the game so that my game.

The problem is you have to kill the person if you don t you lose the game so that what is your problem.