Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Pt England Beach - Mālama Honua

Yesterday we went to Pt England beach we were gonna see the boat but we saw  the big boat when we were waiting we saw the little one coming in the side and i said look the little one is coming slowly. When we were seeing it float but when they stop i saw a string that people were helping her to put it down so the boat can t go anywhere but the bout did not move and are white boat were coming with people and  we were doing the haka and when they hope out they were looking at us when we were sing it again for the people how didn't hear it we were sing as hard we can when all of them were finished we did a Maori song when  we were finished they did are haka our a song when they were finished they were talking about them how they travel around  when they were finished we sing a song again and when we were sing they were learn jt when they were sing with us they did there song and i try to learn it but i can't  when mr burt said to Pt England school to come and shake their hands our huge them or hifi them when it was our turn to hifi we were running when I said nice to meet you i ran and keep say it over and over again when we were running I saw Mrs Garden and i went threw the step and we went back to class and eat our morning tea.

Thursday, 19 March 2015

2015 in camp

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start writing: P1 We were so happy to go to camp because it was so fun when it was time to go to kayaking i was by myself on one boat and i was so scared that  i want to jump off so i said to mr how can i turn to go back i said.

P2 To turn right and  i did when Mr Burt said change over i came as a speed like are car going as 10000 kg mt so when mo said slow down but i said i can't slow down so mo came and stop me so i said thank you and mo said it my turn.

P3 So mo said give me a push so i did when mr burt said you can go for a swim but you have to take of your life jacket. and you can go for a swim when mr burt said you can have 1 minute swimming and when the minute was pass mr Burt said time to get out now.

P4 And we did so we went to kill zone and we have to vs miss lavakula  and when mr j said you have to get water bombed so when we went and get water we got 20 and they got 19 so when we all got two each and we frew them and we hit some of them and we won the game  and the next day we.

P5 Did cooking when we were doing some yummy food so  me and bradley came and gave some food to the people how did came to camp in the all stars  so we have to do only one more food to give to him so me and angelo and bradley. came with me so i gave it to him so when we went back they were sing song and we came in and sing so when it was finished we need to go for dinner so we did.

P 6 We went to gi pool for our swim and we have to have a shower so when me and Desmond we were playing in the pool so when it was time to go for a shower and when it was time for shower we have 4 minutes left for a shower so in we went and we have to get our shampoo and  i was the first one in the shower so when we were done we went back and play soccer with miss TiTo and when we were winning they came up and said it time to go to sleep.

P7 when it was friday it was time to go to magree pool  and swim when it was time to go we were the first one there but it take a half hour to get there and when they said do you want to eat apple.

P8 And i said no thank you when  it was time to go  to the pools we have to go and change when we were in the changing rooms we had morning tea and then we went inside the pool when the slide was open we slide down it was so fun because it cool to slide down when it was lunch time.

P9 Mr somerville said how want to go and do some bombed in the deep pool and i said me me and people ran as fast as they could and we can do bombed in the pool and it was so fun we have one more then  it will be close and we went into the slide one more time and then we went back to school and then it was time to go home.

it was so fun to go to camp because it was fun to go to the swimming pool i hope we have camp again.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Water Do We use water.

I learn that water cam from the sea and we can drink the sea because it the same like water.

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

My game

I love to play Gta 5 because i hate my brother and my cousin when my chrish mate came to my house I said come and play GTA 5 and they said okay let play then so when i said let me get two more counters so we can all play but one of the counters lost but i said to my brother where is the counter and my brother said you have it so when i  said to my friends that one counter it lost they said that we can find it so when we look around for the counter my brother said it in my bedroom so when we ran to my brother bedroom  there was the counter i said he is are mad brother when we got the counter we play and my brother one and i said nooooooo and i went to sleep and there mum came and pick them up.     
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