Thursday, 10 March 2016

Nobody Laughed by Lanzie

                                            Hi my name is Lanzie We are learning about to  read are non frac-son Book and it is are good book to read do you  know that all of the school have the same bags and they are so mix up and they can't find who bags is it.

Friday, 4 March 2016

Lanzie and Bradley Haunted House

Lanzie and Bradley were exploring their new town after school one day. At the end of the cemetery there was a gloomy hill with a broken down house sitting on top. They heard a scream. Billy was shaking in his boots to the end of the cemetery gloomy hills Billy Started to shaking his boots they saw a haunted house it was busted down on top of it. Bradley said “Let's go inside.” Billy said “no silly i’m scared.” Billy ran home but bradley decided to exploring the haunted house Bradley’s Legs was shaking Bradley went to the haunted house when he went inside it show blood on the wall it was i’m Jake the ghost Bradley was scared so bradley decided to get out but the door was lock so bradley went to the room he see a window bradley grab the chair and smash the window. The window shattered bradley left his bag behind bradley grab his phone and his suffy that he needed some bradley jump out of the window bradley went home. In the morning bradley had breakfast then bradley went to billy house. Billy lives across the road bradley went to pick her up for school they walk to school Billy said what happened Bradley said nothing so then walk to school after school Bradley went to the Haunted house again to look for his school bag Bradley went inside he ran to the room his bag wasn't  they so Bradley went upstairs his bag was not then. So then he bradley ran out the window but bradley fell down and then the ghost killed him The end.  Image result for the haunted house


Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Lanzie Math

                                 Hi my name is Lanzie this is my math i like math that what i like i have are friend he can help me. I am learning to do time table i have some of them a hard but i keep on trying to thick but i don't know what is 12x4 but i know it now it is 48 that how i learn and it going hard hard and that how i get brain.