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Start your paragraph here. We had are sleeping in the classroom and when i woke up i saw trash all around me. It was so scary in here I thought that i’m gonna die here now i heard a scream in the right door. and i heard crying to but i stand up and went to the right door and the door was open by itself i saw my little brother crying and i saw my twin brother who was looking at me like he don’t  know me i said to them to come so we can get out of here when we walk to the end of the class room i saw are teacher and the teacher said to come with him but i said no i just want to see my dad and he said i know where is he and all of the kids they are at my classroom in room 24 so i walk there with the teacher and the teacher said there is the classroom and i saw my dad my mum and my family who came to visit the school. But we can’t go anywhere but we can’t get out to and the door it lock to but how do we call the police but they said the phone it gone but we can’t do anything but i said i know  go to the fire alarm and break the glass and and press it 2 to time and then the firemen will come and break the door  they came very fast like in to miun and they came and then i yeld we in room 25 come over here and the saw my  hand sTcking out  and they said leave it there show we can burn the window show we can get you out. When the came with there long later that burn it of and they said come over here guys this is are big later and he said you are going home with your family thank you fireman The end.

My friends

Screenshot 2016-06-23 at 9.35.48 AM.pngOn saturday  another fun day Lanzie and noah was  in the park they were playing black cops i told  Noah that we should get a stick to be tend that it is a gun and Noah said “yes that a good idea Lanzie.” When we were looking for stick this ladies came up to us and said “what a you looking for?” “a stick” said Noah and she said “why?” and Lanzie said “because we are playing.”

Black Ops and it is a good game she” said get out of here and Noah said a you the boss” of the playground everybody is allowed here . You a jealous of us because we a playing something.

And she said i will call the cops for real and Lanzie” said whatta we gonna do if they a gonna come in she said to go to your house. Noah” said go then we a gonna tell the truth we a just gonna find a stick and play with it so when we were finding a stick this men" came in he was a police  he  said what a you doing because?`.

Some lady said that you a stealing something and Lanzie” said no we a finding stick to play with  she said what it is for and Noah”. Said it is for playing black ops and she” said a you using it for shooting and Lanzie” said yes” and she” said okay then so where a you playing at the park right there. She said can my brother play he like playing black cops and Lanzie said yes it is okay then go and get him we will find a stick”.

To give to him so we can start playing. So” when she went we said to the ladie see told you that we allowed to get some stick and don’t  worry” we ain't gonna crack your car because we a not allowed.

When the police came i said” to Noah that guy looks familiar from school and his names is Bradley and when her brother came Lanzie” said  to him you look familiar from school and he said my name is Bradley and i told.

Noah see what did i told you man and I said to Noah” we should play chace someone did you remember that game Bradley” and Noah and they said yes who should run and Lanzie said me me please and Noah and Bradley” said fine then and i start running all away to my house i was lying to them.

I went home and took a shower and when i was finish i went to bed and watch T.v and they were running every where and i stared latuh in my bed.

Screenshot 2016-05-24 at 4.23.42 PM.pngLanzie

Screenshot 2016-06-23 at 9.53.41 AM.pngBradley

Screenshot 2016-06-23 at 9.35.48 AM.pngNoah

Screenshot 2016-06-23 at 9.40.19 AM.pngold Lady Meggy

IMG_20160501_115528.jpg Police man Siokita

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Lanzie Writing

Topic Sentence
3 sentences with juicy detail
Concluding sentence

Title: The men who rode on chickens

Paragraph One: Describe your character (man) Desmond, Jalen Peteli, William, Miss Berry, Tevita, Jaden, Vinolia, Damien, Phazon, Anahera, Chyrus, Ellen,Lewina, alyia, seni, Trinity, Alex,Angelo,Junior,John Lee,Lucy,Bradley

Paragraph Two: How he found the chickens

Paragraph Three:  he was scared to ride the chicken.


1 P Once upon a time there was a boy called Alex.He alway wore a hat to the forest.Sometimes he likes to wear A big raincoat.  when he finishes he like to ride a horse but he is a Bad boy. he always has fights with his brothers. Something was about to happen to Alex and was going to change his life.  

2 P One day he ran away from his house because his parents gave him a hiding. When he ran to the forest he said that he is gonna find a chickens. To ride to another Country so he went get a new life. So when he went to the forest the forest said to him what do you want to give you. I know that you ran away from your house because god told me he said that i have to give you something.

3 P So he said that he want to get a huge chicken so the forest said okay then stand back. Because they a gonna run into you so when the brunch came out of his face and said hulk Hogan.Then the whole chicken crash into him and he said nooooooooo i am in one it is so scary and it is a old man. Help me someone.

4 P And the tree said that you said that you want a chickens to go somewhere so you. But he said that he doesn't know yet where should he go to but he said i can give you someone to ride with. It will be Jalen who is strong and he has a man bun.And the other person is peteli he is a demi god his father is the god of war and he is strong and bulky.

5 P So he said okay then and they came down of the sky and Jalen said who is this guy god and he said this is.A boy who ran away from his house and Peteli said oh my gosh let go know before there mum and dad will come.

6 P God said who do you want me to give to ride down there They said can you get a plane that it is faster and we can get there.But  he said okay then i will give it to you but i can’t give you gas because you guys have power.

7 P And when he said move back then so when they move back the plane came down of the sky slowly and and Jalen lift up Alex and frow him to the plane and said you drive we sit and sleep because you need our he said i can’t drive this long over night because i will sleep and he Peteli said okay then you give us 10 hour.

Two sleep and you will take a rest okay and he said okay then but when they got there they said do you know where we going and he said no. we a here know we a at tonga so know we can bullied a house and live there.