Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Lanzie Omar u creek.

Duffy book

On monday all of the year 3-8 went to the hall.We were surprised that there were some duffy people in the hall.After that all of us sat down in lines to wait for their show,but the seniors  were a bit to late.

Then one of the duffy people write or i will get in trouble and when they said they will start it and we sing the duffy song  and they said to read lot of song and when they said that don't give up at reading  we will never stop reading and watch movie do you know that books come first and they will make the movie .

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Des and lanzie Problem Solving - What Strategy Did You Use?m Solving - What Strategy Did You Use?

                                           my buddy was so brain that we got some  right and here our work    

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

What in the bag

                                          It was so cool to do math me and my partner did what in the game play and I start frist and i got it  so my partner got it to.

lanzie My TIMEtable

                                        hay know i now how to read time i now 3:00 and 4:00 it the best day of my life do you know that haaaaaaaaaay        

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

my holidays

P1 Last weekend we went to pamere pool in a car it smell so great that i want to jump in the pool my brother jump on me and i was so angry that he jump on me. and my dad said come and get change so we can go and eat kfc and mcdonald but we have to
wait to pray first when.

Wait to pray first when. we pray i ate so fast that i was full and we went to the park and play rugby. and when my dad said come youth town is here and we ran so fast that we have to play
T Ball and i hit it so high. that nobody catch it  i ran so fast i could and i did a home run and after that we play rugby and i gotta try and my brother got another try and the youth town people said let play something ours because we won the game and we went with.

P3 We went to my friends house and play call of duty ghost and i won when my friends said let play again and my mum came and said let go home and sleep and i did.

P4 We have to run in youth town because we have to get fit and healthy food that how i get good brain when i said to the youth town people that if we can walk for 10 second and they said yes and when we finish my run i came 3th and the youth town that is so good and we went back home with my dad.