Tuesday, 25 November 2014

In the weekend

In the weekend we went to my family const and we had fun because nobody know that me and my family was in the stage but it was the  kids only and the man said how. ever does the best dance you will win $10. and i dance my best move and when the man said stop we stop and i won the $10 and it was the adults turn but there was no. man there was only women and when they finish the men said the winner  is my family because they said how ever were red it my family and me we won a big. pig and it was so cool but when it was time to pick the old lady she need to blow the candles and we had to sing happy birthday and  when it was. 12 o'clock we have to get every food you want and we did and when it was time to go this lady said take this cake it the old lady cake she said you and take it so my aunt said come here you she said to me and when i came to. her she said take the cake and put it in the van so i did and my dad and my mum and my aunt and my two brothers in the back seat of the car when we got to my big brother house so my brother to go to there  house but not my little brother we gave them some cake and some pig and they said thank you all of you and we said it okay and we went  home and when we got there we sleep.

On sunday we went to church and when we got there we have to look at the front and when we start to sing we have to say i love you god ever and ever and i never forget you and we go home the end. to be counted