Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Lanzie Alex

The Medal Winners

We found out last week that there are at least 17 sports at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games. So far New Zealand have won 27 medals. These include 8 gold medals, 8 silver medals and 11 bronze medals.

Task 1: In pairs go to website.

  • Find the results tab
  • click on find by country
  • click on 2014 Commonwealth Games
  • Choose one of the sports where a medal has been won

Task 2: In pairs make a written and illustrated presentation of this sport and the person or team which won the medal.

To consider:
  • Profile of the sport
  • Profile of the sports person/team
  • images/video links to support your findings

Start your writing here:   

The mens teams sprint is the event they raced in to win gold.
The 3 men in the team Sam Webster. Eddie Dawkins, Ethan Mitchell.
   Screenshot 2014-07-30 at 10.04.58 AM.png   Nz Team sprint for gold

Friday, 25 July 2014

Chicken Olympics JJ 36 Part 1

There was a chicken race and they all have a tot hie and it was cool.  

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

In the Holidays

In the holidays it was my birthday. It was so cool. My dad gave me a present and it was a ps3.

After that when we went to KFC my dad said “Can we have a balloon?” and the KFC person said “How come?”.  My dad said “It is my sons birthday”, and the KFC person said let do this.

The kfc bake a cake and all of the food was for money.  It was cool and I made a wish and i blow the candle. They sing happy birthday.

After that  we eat and it was so yummy and my dad gave me $50 and my mum gave me $20 and my aunt gave me $50.  My brother gave me $10 and it was so cool.

I got $130 and I bought me a watch and it was cool. I bought one for my brother and my little baby. I bought him a toy and I got $30 and i gave my cousin $10 and i got $20.

Then I went to the shop and said if I can have $5 and he gave me lot of $5. I gave one to my brother and my mum and my dad and my cousin but my uncle went so I only have $5. And I had an amazing birthday.
KISS Band Logo Cake!