Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Lanzie Guy Fawkes

Hi my name is Lanzie and i am in room 4 for reading and writing i love doing guy Fawkes with my family because it's is a lots of fun.Please read it carefully you might learn something from this presentation. I hope you Enjoy (:

Monday, 20 November 2017

Lanzie Math Problems

   I really really enjoyed doing this math work because it is easy the only thing that was hard is doing the Sudoku.

Athlete DAY!!!!!!!!!!!

On the 10th of november we had Athletic we gather together
On the court as we all sat down mr burt had a talk to us about do your best.when mr burt was finished we all went in a group for our first activity.     

The Year 8 head of to discuss we all sat down on the grass and listen to Mr somerville said if you want to do it for fun you can go to the left side but if you want to got to the eastern zone you can stay here with me.

As each team completed each activity it was time for dodgeball.This was one of my highlight for the day.Hine moana had some wining against Hikianalia and Hokulea Hine moana had some great shoot.It was a great game that Hikianalia put up against Hine Moana Hokulea won their game against  Te Aurere and moved on to the finals against Hine Moana.First it was the final.Hine Moana and  Hokule’a battled it out and Hine Moana came out on to.

It was out last activity that we had the 100 meter race.This is one of my main activity of athletic.As everyone lined up behind the starting line one by one they sat down in front or behind a person. I sat down on the 2nd lane with 8 other people.Mr Burt was waiting for us to stand up to race.It had started calling it out Ready Set GOO!! We took of and sprinted down the track and i ended up coming 3nd behind Evan and TJ.

As athletic was coming to an end.It was day to remember since it was the last time the year 8s would have athletic for pt england school.Memories were made as everyone enjoyed himself and had fun with each other.

Monday, 6 November 2017

Lanzie hard work

Hi my name is Lanzie and W.A.L.T Finding facts it was pretty hard to find out what to do because you just read the book and you have to find out more info so i hope you enjoy and please leave a comment

Friday, 3 November 2017

Sea turtles

Sea turtles live for about 80 years and they always buried their eggs into a sand so they can protect the eggs from eagles sharks and  they might get wash out from the sea.When they are born they go to the sea and they see what the earth looks like and they will get use to it so they can protect them self without their mum Defending them. So the female can lay eggs about 50 or 200 eggs and then she covered them  from sea eagles and  dog and shark and it takes about six weeks that the eggs will hatch and 50 percent of them didn’t hatch and the other 50 percent hatch and they want to go around and see how it feels like to swim around.

So When they hatch the have to take time to grow up as to an adult so shark and dogs can’t eat the and the sheals are really really hard to bite and it will break. Their teeth into are little piece but they have to wait for 20 years to be an adult it is like human when you are born you're not one yet but you have to wait. And you will be 1 years old so it is life so when you a 20 years old you can do anything you want because nobody will come and harm you and it will be the same as the turtle.

They live for 80 years but the can lay eggs for 20 years so they can live more longer as human but only if human a healthy the can live for 80 years but when the live for 80 years they can do something like just swimming around and enjoy it so they might die so the can hang out with friends but when they die they buried them.

So hundred of them might die from shark and they a really good to get but they only wait when it is dark cause they born to know what to do and the people turn of the light so the turtle might go to the road but not the sea so they turn of the street light and let the moon come out and so where is the sea.I hope you enjoy my turtle story.

Kindly Regards