Monday, 22 July 2019

Lanzie & Lomio - Plain Bread

Plain Bread

Step.1 - Mix well 2 c of warm water with 1 sachet of yeast  

2- Add 2c of plain flour 
  • 1tsp of salt 
  • 2 Tsp of sugar 
  • ½ c of oil 
  • 3 mix well and leave for 20 mins before bake 18o

Monday, 1 July 2019

Kick ball

Today we played kickball,So you need teams to play this game,After when you put two teams you need to decide which team is going to field and which team whos going to kick the ball, Kickball is just like baseball but the only thing is that you have to kick the ball but not bating it, For me this game was kind of fun because you get to run around and you get to have fun with your friends, I will definitely tell other people to play this fun game, Image result for kickball
Image result for kick ball

Monday, 17 June 2019

Social Responsibility


Level - 0 “Irresponsible”

  • Makes excuses
  • Name calling
  • Disruptive

Level 1 - “ Self Control “

  • Does not call names
  • Dose not disrupt the class
Level 2 - Involvement
  • Listens and follows direction
  • Shows at least minimal respect
  • Stay on task only when teacher is watching
  • Willing to try and are involved in activities
Level 3 - ”self - Responsibility “

  • Show respect
  • Makes good choices
  • Honest and fair
  • Works on activities
  • Works with other to settle argument quickly
  • Admits mistakes and apologizes

Level - 4 “caring”

  • Works with everyone in the class willingly
  • Takes care of the equipment
  • Concerned With the progress of others
  • Asks and provides assistance to teacher and other student
Level - 5

  • Most Advanced stage
  • Transfer to outside physical education and health
  • Trying these ideas in other areas of life
  • Being a role model

Blogging our experience

In the past few weeks when I was in PE class I think I am in level 4 because I take care of the equipment and for other people, The things that I need to work on is to take everything that I learnt in PE and to put it into different subjects,I will try and improve by putting stuff that I learnt from PE like respect and caring into other people in different classes even out of school as well. The most important part is to show other people your respect to them and that you care about that.

Monday, 27 May 2019

Chiken curry with rice

Today me and my partner did Chicken and curry and rice, the ingredients that we used are :

Chicken Curry: 
Step 1: Dice Onion 
- Dice garlic 
- Fry onion, garlic,3Tsp 
of curry for 7 minutes.

Add the chicken ( diced into cubes and the potatoes,
add small amount of water,
add vegetable, coconut cream.
Serve it with rice to have a nice and delightful meal.

Monday, 20 May 2019



Today I and my Partner cooked burgers for our double period's ingredients are :
- Mix mince, Onion, Salt, pepper,1 egg, bread crumbs
- make 2 balls of mince and flat it down with your hand palm
- Fry and ready your burger

Monday, 13 May 2019

Pan Cakes

Me and my Partner was cooking Pancakes here is some of the Ingredients:
Step 1: 1 1/2
- 1/2 c of sugar
- 1 egg
- 2 - mix well and fry 6 cakes

Here is the photo

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Cake Competition - Measurement - Math

Cake Competition

Tamaki College Food Technology students will be making cakes for a baking competition.

Image result for tiered cakes

The base of the tins the cakes can be baked in is the same size as an A4 sheet of paper. The maximum height of the cake is 20cm. The top surface of the cake must be covered in icing.

Your task is to design a cake on Tinkercad (assume measurements in cm) that has up to two tiers. The bottom tier must have a rectangular base and the second tier can be a shape of your choice.

For each tier
  1. Find the volume of the cake.
  2. Find the area of the cake that will be iced.

The entire cake will be shared in a food tech class. Make reasonable assumptions to estimate how much cake each student will get (give your answer in cm3).

Diameter = 3
Radius = 3/2
= 3 x 3/2 
= 4.5 
SA= Surface area 
= 2 TTr2 + 2ttrh . 
Today we a Learning about Measurement,For me it's kinda easy and some times it's hard the same time,I hope you enjoy/And please leave a comment underneath,Malo aupito...