Monday, 6 November 2017

Lanzie hard work

Hi my name is Lanzie and W.A.L.T Finding facts it was pretty hard to find out what to do because you just read the book and you have to find out more info so i hope you enjoy and please leave a comment

Friday, 3 November 2017

Sea turtles

Sea turtles live for about 80 years and they always buried their eggs into a sand so they can protect the eggs from eagles sharks and  they might get wash out from the sea.When they are born they go to the sea and they see what the earth looks like and they will get use to it so they can protect them self without their mum Defending them. So the female can lay eggs about 50 or 200 eggs and then she covered them  from sea eagles and  dog and shark and it takes about six weeks that the eggs will hatch and 50 percent of them didn’t hatch and the other 50 percent hatch and they want to go around and see how it feels like to swim around.

So When they hatch the have to take time to grow up as to an adult so shark and dogs can’t eat the and the sheals are really really hard to bite and it will break. Their teeth into are little piece but they have to wait for 20 years to be an adult it is like human when you are born you're not one yet but you have to wait. And you will be 1 years old so it is life so when you a 20 years old you can do anything you want because nobody will come and harm you and it will be the same as the turtle.

They live for 80 years but the can lay eggs for 20 years so they can live more longer as human but only if human a healthy the can live for 80 years but when the live for 80 years they can do something like just swimming around and enjoy it so they might die so the can hang out with friends but when they die they buried them.

So hundred of them might die from shark and they a really good to get but they only wait when it is dark cause they born to know what to do and the people turn of the light so the turtle might go to the road but not the sea so they turn of the street light and let the moon come out and so where is the sea.I hope you enjoy my turtle story.

Kindly Regards

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

A+I=M for success

Early this morning we had a visitor that normally come every year he had a doc about a little boy who helped a homeless man. Who was crying next to a shop the  boy asked him what happen to him then the homeless man said that. He lost his job he and got kicked out of his house and his wife left him and he has no money and no food so. This little boy gave him his lunch and his lunch money then he went back to school.He keep on giving. Food to the homeless man and one day the homeless man was walking with the little boy to there. School and the old man said to his teacher that he was being nice to him and gave him food then the teacher. Couldn't believe it then the principal gave him a golden certificate that normally given once  a year. To people who is being nice to people so he got the certificate and then this Visitor said that he. Called this boys mum and he said if he can take this little boy to Christchurch and his mum said yes so. This visitors said to the little boys where is he going then the boy said that he is going to butterfly creek. And the visitor said it more cooler then that then the visitor said do a another quest then he said that he. Is going to meet a famous man then the visitor said no you a going to be famous then the visitor. Said that they a going to fly to Christchurch and he was so happy because he never been on airplane before. When the plane was going to launch he was excited so him and some of the visitors crew went with around Christchurch.

I really want to be the same as this boy because he helps people and give people there lunch money and there food so that  really cool as a kid because when every you give you get something much bigger then money you will be known by and that person that you help will never forget what you did for them.So when ever you see a homeless person crying go and help out to him you will never know when someone watching if you do a good thing or a bad thing you will never know like this little boy he didn't know that he was going to go to Christchurch or even get famous.Just be like William and help people out it doesn't mean if you don't have enough money or enough lunch just give some of them to the homeless people because you will be blessed by god what you did to that person and that person you gave your lunch he won't for get.

I hope you enjoy (-:   (-:

Friday, 27 October 2017

Musical Madness

W.A.L.T Know different parts of the Instruments i didn't know that every Instruments have family like the string family or even the drum family.I want to learn how to play the flute because it sound like peace full for people. There is a link for each slide of YouTube video like this image but if you need some help to find it please follow the Instruction to get there or Just follow the image on the bottom. 

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Catching Flounder

Early this morning 12 student from team 5 got the chance to go with Mr Vogt and catch some Flounder for the tank.While they were setting up  to catch the flounder the rest of the school were have a Assembly outside the courts.The year 1 & 5 was at the front and the year 7 & 8 was at the back of the line.Then Mr Burt said that he. Need Hendrix , Judah and Cameo to come and lead the Karkia after we finished the Karkia. Mr Burt explain to us what we do if we a walking down the street the first thing was that you can't touch the fence the 2 thing. Was that you can't play with the tree or hanging on it so the other thing that he said was to walk. As a pt Englander to the reserve after a few second Mr Burt said that he will be at the front and Miss Nua. Will be at the back with the Yr 7 & 8 so we stared to walk down the street when we were walking. Down the street i saw one whole class waited to cross the road and then the other class did the same thing. The didn't go the same time they were giving way to the cars.When we got there the Yr 1 & 5 was. At the front and the Yr 6 & 8 was at the back when all of the school was there Mr Burt said that we had. To sing a Waiata for the 12 people who went so the can get some Flounder After that Mr Burt said. That we have to beat Kodi flat school because they had 4 Flounder so he said if we get 5 or 6 Flounder. We beat them so it was kind of a game against Kodi Flat after mini while Mr Burt said to us that the Yr 7 & 8. Get to go back to school so room 5 went first and then it went to room 4 and the our class when we were. Walking back to school me and junior and David was talking about basketball players but. When we got to our class Mr Wiseman said to take of a shoes because we are in the street so we all did and. He said to sit on the street because Miss Telea wanted to talk to us After that Miss Telea said that we have to get our netbook and write about what happen about it.

I hope you enjoy reading about Catching Flounder.Image result for Baby Flounder

Friday, 22 September 2017

Lanzie Filim festival

Hi My name is Lanzie and i join in the film festival in room 2.The video is about Basketball one team is called the opp team and the other team is called the misfits and the team who really good is the cool kids that the team that i chose. The first thing that we did was to watch the film and to get some ideas after that Miss Tapuke said that the Cool kids and the Misfits have to vs each other so we all got change into our PE t.shirt.After that we all have to sit in a line of 2  After that we went out to the basketball court and play basketball There was some girls in it as well so we started playing nobody got a goal yet all of us started to miss then Miss Tapuke Said if i say Freeze you have to freeze on the spot so that if a person who shot that can take there time so we all freeze the person who took the shot was Shealeis she was in the Misfits she shot it and she got it in so Miss Tapuke said okay play on and we did play on when angel passed the ball to Lanzie  He took the shot and it got it in and Miss Tapuke said that all for today so we all went back to class and got change to watch the P.E.N.N.

I hope you enjoy and please live a comment.

Monday, 28 August 2017

The finals speech

On Friday there was a team 5 speech finals everyone had sit down in to straight lines in the street.The number of student that had to present at the speech finals there was 15 student who need to present they need 3 people in each class. My favorite speech was Mubs his speech was about being the president he said that if he had to be the president for on day he would make everything for free and there would be no payment  at all i like his speech because he speak in loud voice and he made people laugh when it was almost finish he said thank you thank you for your time and took a bell and we all clap.This is some of the image on the speech.