Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Cooking class:Lanzie & Leon

Today in cooking class on Tuesday the 22nd of may we made Quiche my partner was a way today so i went with leon it was kind of easy but i got there here is some the ingredients. 2.Cut the pastry into 9 pastry of round pastry Paste onto the muffin tray 3.-add ham & cheese 4. Bake 1800 c for 15 min Here is a image of our Quiche


I am feeling really happy that i am going back to Tokelau to see my family and friends.It is cool to go back to my old island and see some changes that they have done for the last few years.I heard from some people said  that Tokelau is changed and it’s is better than before.But i didn’t believe them at all so i wanted to go to Tokelau and check it’s for myself.

When i got  there my dad and Mum were waiting for me.They were so  happy to see me i also saw my little brother my sisters and my uncle.It was a long trip to New Zealand to Samoa it took me 3 hours & 55m and then i had to book another boat to go to tokelau it took me 24 or 36 hours to get there.

When i got out from the boat i saw lots of cool stuff around the place i saw new Building’s that i have never seen before. I saw a police woman walking around the place.Then i realised that the law was changed in Tokelau that Woman was allowed to get a Job as a police officer and to lead people where to go and what is good or bad.  

I have also heard from my mum and dad that they have electricity now so they can stay up and watch t.v and charge there new phones.I have also heard from my mum and dad that they build a house on steal pools to stop floods running there house and other things.

They build walls to stop floods from cruising there food and trees.And the other reason that i wanted to go to tokelau is to help my mum and dad to change our place make it nice and spotless  

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Cooking class: Lanzie Olivia

Today in cooking class we did Chocolate muffin the first thing that we did was putting our bag
in the hanger after that we washed our hands.
My partner was away today so i went with Olivia because she didn’t have a partner.
This is the Materials that we use it was a
Palette knife a Measuring cups and a mixing bowl and a cupcake maker.
This is the Skills of the week is to Follow the steps
Learn how to read the Ingredients and How to Measure the ingredients.

This is the Ingredients

Step 1: Mix Together

  1. 1 ½  of SR flour 2) ½ c of sugar
    3) 1 egg) 4/13 c of cocoa 5) ½ cup of chx
    6) ½ c milk , 1 tsp vanilla essence  
    7) - ½ c of oil

2) mix well and scoop into the muffin tray

3) Bake for 15 mins 1800c.

Here is some picture of the muffin


Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Cooking class

In cooking class we were making pan cakes my partner was suppose to be with Joseph but Tamati went with him because he didn't have his partner with him because he was away so i went with Pulotu. We did a mistake with the flour and the egg because Pulotu didn't  put engoth flower so i told Pulotu to boil the oil so i went and did. 1/2 cup of sugar and 1 cup of milk after that Pulotu crack the egg to the flour and put all of the milk together and whisk it.

The first pan cake that we did it wrong and the the 2nd time with almost got it right but when it was the 3 one we got it right.
This is a image of the pan cakes. :-)

Monday, 7 May 2018


Today in SOS i learnt two new concept  , this is what Tradition mean it mean something about your langue and who you a that what tradition mean. And Education , For me Education is something that you learn.Or you never heard before that what Education means to me.Image result for TraditionImage result for Education

Friday, 23 March 2018

Water cycle,Earthquake,Volcanoes

We a learning about water cycle this is a image of something that we need to draw i haven't finish yet because we didn't have enough time because the bell ring just in time when i finished of with my river because it was hard to draw.                      
Image result for water cycle images

Now i am going to tell you more about Volcanoes it is really really easy to find one near your village because it's is huge and big and you normally see the big a huge gap threw the volcano this is a video that we watch in each science class it is long but you learn new stuff and even new words that you don't really know here is some of the video and image of it.  Click the link below so you can watch a short clip about volcanoes and volcanoes 

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Lanzie Made in Taiwan- Oscar & Nate Is trying to find out where there ancestors came from and what is there name

The PerOscar and Nate trip was to find out where their ancestors came from.

When they went to Taiwan a they met a lady called Niwa who was Taiwan.They notice that her language and Oscar Samoan language was slimmer. And even the Moko on there face just the same as the maori people.

They normally eat the same food in each country that Oscar and Nate went to but there is some of the food that people doesn't eat like Taiwan course they eat Rats but some of their country doesn't eat rat from the Forest.

They wanted to know more about there ancestors and where did they came from so they travel. Around the world to find out where did the pacific island came from and where did they use to live before they found their own country for there people.There work is successful because they found out more about different country like Taiwan and Rarotonga and what kind of pattern that they use if it is the same or not.

I hope you enjoy reading about Oscar and Nate how they a trying to find out more about there ancestors and where did the pacific island people came. From when there was no more land for them to stay until a few years later they found the land for them self and there people :-).