Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Lanzie movie

WALT: buy stuff and we can earn money and when you don't have money you can't buy one for sure and when it was time you can't buy anything for sure and you will can't buy what you wan't

Monday, 14 September 2015

Market day

WALT: trade and Enterprise This term we had a market day and we got to sell our project and we have to make the customer come to you and buy your buy your stuff. It is time to switch over know and we get to buy stuff and when it time to get more PT you have to earn them. When you earn them and you can spend them when it was time to tidy up we get to play games and who ever get the high score you get 5Pt just in your bank. and when it was time to play the game i play tank and it was so cool that i almost got the highest scorer  but i lose and i went to the game that called 2800 and it is cool. On Friday it was our market day and i was so happy to get lot of pt and pices and when it was morning tea i ate cup cake and when morning tea was finish it was starting and it was my turn to say that how much is it and when one person was here she said come here and i will give you a fruit Louise just for you  and when it was finish we get to put it in or bank and when it was time to put it in my bank we get to play a video games and Mr Goodwin said if some of you get the most high score you will get 5pt and i said i will get that when it was time to play i said let play another game who ever get the high st scorer you get 50 Pieces and when it was time to play me and Mubersher said ready set go and when we  go we start play the game and when mubersher nearly lost but he was still alive and i said nooooo and when it was time to say you won and i said i lost but mubersher said i lost to but when it was time to go home and we get to have our 50 pieces.We get to set up with our group when Miss jacobson said put all the table in front of the table and we need to put them in orders and we  need to put our toys i the table we need to put all of our stuff in our table but if you don’t you have to sit on the floor and sell them and when it is there you get to play on your chromebook and i just put all my stuff.We get to buy stuff like food our drum but i bought  a cupcake and it cost 2 Pt and i went into the drum group and i said how much for one drum and then simon said 2 pt and i said how much for 2 drum and he said 4 Pt and i said okay do i will get two and i buy it and i went back to the paddle board group and when the visitor said how much is for it 2pt and he gave me 2pt.We got to sell paddle board toys and cup cake and we get to to sell drum and book mark for my bood and it is cool.We get to buy stuff like cupcake and some toys it was so fun to buy stuff because you can play with it and we can get more PTS and when it was time we can do this.
Image result for the market day  

Image result for the market day