Friday, 2 December 2016

Lanzie Room 5 be cyber smart

Room 5 Cyber smart:

Room 5 movie was all about Cyber smart there was 3 boys who was being doggy in on phone it was Simon phone but this is the characters Simon Henry Taiha Tamori. It was not. Respect for was that they use go away and care , gap it yea you don’t have the guts,oh gy.

It is not good to say that if the teacher is a woman and they say that it is a man but that is not good for teacher and it is not Strive to succeed at all. But when you do that you might.

Be in re-think our you will say sorry to Miss Four sita but don’t do that to a teacher but they did but it is okay the school can handle it so that mean that we can handle our self but.

Not other people but room 5 people they should do it more better. Because it is too much slang word and some people won't handle it. And maybe they would do that to their teacher and that will.

Be sad to there teacher and then you will be in re - think and that will be not good for either of you and your family.

It is not good for young kids because they use  go away and care , gap it yea you don’t have the guts,oh gy. So they might do that to there little sister and even those words will stick.

In their head and keep on saying it and it is not good for them and even they might do that to their teacher. That is very very not good so that mean that not hoe pt england way so just keep it up pt england and be strive to succeed.

But when they do something that they a not gonna do and you have the promes you have to keep it to yourself and you will never do it again so that mean that you will never do it again so goodbye i hope you have the best day.I will give Room 5 as a 2 star because they use bad words and even they should put in something that it is more familiar to us but they didn’t.


Once upon a time there was a man called Desmond he went around to look at something that he always want to go it was California  that was his favorite thing in the whole entire.

Earth that was his first idea to get something so that mean that he have to earn money by working for Lanzie but he said that whenever he have to work he say that you.

Have to say that you have to pay Desmond $50 a day but Lanzie said no only $20 but when he said to Lanzie that he will work everyday so Lanzie said okay then i will give $200 okay it is a deal.

So Desmond keep on working hard one day he had  $700 so he said to himself that he is going right now and look for a job that it is cooler then lanzie job so he said okay then i will go to.

California and find a job that it is really really good for me and to do the right thing everyday so when i got the tickets to go to California but when i hopped in the plain
And i saw.

This man he said that you a going to go to this weird house after this flight but Desmond said okay then let me see this old house maybe i will like that house so i can live in but he said that it is very very very scary nobody never ever went to that house.

But nobody made. that house but do you know who made that house and Desmond said tell me but the old man said this it just growed but it self under ground nobody never went to that house again he only said that he won’t gonna go To that house again but Desmond said i ain't gonna buy that house it is so freaky and even no way i ain't gonna look at it and even i am not going to go to that little city so i hope you don’t tell me anything.

Else but that house okay so go and find your seat because i want to sit in my chair but the man said that we a in the chair mate and Desmond said what you will still going to talk about that house.

So when flight was almost 2 hour they were almost there but there was only 1 more hour left so when it was half an hour left he said ouch my back hurt i think there is something that it is hurting my back i hope my back will be better when i get to California i will go to the.

Doctor and check my back because i can feel this red red thing in his back when he went to the bathroom and check what happen to my back but do you know what this man told him on his mind that he is going to pop up in the bathroom so he said okay then i will hold your neck.

And chuck you in the bin so you will never ever come again to me and the other people just go and never come back ever again so you should come when i will be angry or if i feel like if i want to die but not this time it is only that i want to hear about this freaky house.

But do you know what it was you you at the one who go on people's mind so don’t go on there mind or wait you can only go on my mind and not the other people mid just mine is that a deal and the ghost said okay it is a deal.

But at the end Desmond feel like he was sick but do you know what he was just a good man but everybody know that he save there life so they said that they will remember  Desmond when he died and when they save their life the end.

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