Monday, 12 December 2016

Lanzie Prize giving and Picnic

On Thursday we had Prize Giving the little kids up to year 4 was on two o'clock to 3 and even the year 5 up to year 8 and the time was on 7 o'clock to 8 : 30 everyone had fun at dancing and sing but it was the year 5 turn to dance and there dance was pretty good  i like there one because they ere sing and enjoying it and even i look in there eyes that they a having fun and enjoying it.

But know it was the year six i didn’t like it because they were not sing it and even not enjoying there were not on the beat and not even on the right step because some people went in the wrong side because that why that they were at the back because they might be embraced when they go to the wrong way and that will be sad to them.

And then it went to the year 7 i know that we were so amazing that we did the right dance but only one mistake for me when we were doing the year 7 from Pt england school but that was my fault for not doing the right thing but  now i  know that it is cool for dancing and to sing when i was 5 year old my dad always tell me to lead the tongan song because i can hold the notes as long and even to be loud as a tiger i like sing and it is lifting my spirit.

And kow it was the year 8 it was so sweet when they were dancing but it was just sad that they were gonna leave pt england school but it sad to me because some of the year 8 it my best best friend but it is okay because i can see them some day and play with them and that will be cool.

On Friday we went to the whole school picnic it was lots of fun the year 1 get to swim  first and even keeps on going but i was playing volley after the some touch and rugby and it was lot of fun at the pt england.

Beach because it was lot of fun playing around with my friends and even spend time with year 8 but it was cool that we get to relax under the tree and just talk but it was just lot of fun but it was not great for me.

That my best best friend didn’t come to the picnic  so that was my sad they but it was okay that some of my old friends came and help me on putting on my bag to the tree because it was so hard and even it was so so cool.

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  1. hi lanzie i like your recount that you have done because you have used lots of detail and it is awesome good job