Monday, 10 April 2017


There was a boy who really like to watch transformers but he wish to see a really one so they can save the plant  because there was exzone who want to own the earth and kill human so they can do anything with it but when he was dreaming his dad who passed away about two years ago said to  his dream.

you wish had come true go outside in your backyard and you will see bum bee optimus prime and the weapon expert so he woke up and went to the back yard there was nothing but his stepdad said what was he doing outside but he didn’t  want to say anything he just walked inside.

But his step dad said if he get a A + he would get a car so the boy ran to school and told the teacher that he want to go first so he can so he amazing stuff when his grandfather when he first saw exzone and he made the robot live so the teacher said what was your grandfather all ways tell you the untrue story but the boy said it is true if you want to come to my house you will see him face with exzone.

 They didn’t talk so the bell ring and they all ran threw the door to go home but the boy went to the teacher and said how was it and the teacher said maybe a b minus and he said what so he said can you see my step father over there he said if i get a A + he will buy me a car but if you give me a B minus he will just kick me out and just please give me A + so the teacher feel really sad about him.

So he said to him fine here is A+ but it doesn't mean that i love you but it is just for your dad because he was my teacher here so the boy ran to his step dad and hope in the car and said yes i got A+ Where a we going to buy a car so his dad said just sit and look where a we going so he went to a expensive car shop and then the boy said a you going to kiding me and the dad said yes but we.

 Not going to buy you this car we a going to PPS it mean it is the chepas shop ever but there was a yellow can with black strip but the boy didn’t know yet that it was a transformers he only know that it was a normal so his dad said to the men how much for the car he sad $400 dollar and his dad said okay then i will take it so he said


I creeped into the door of unknown house that a doll just look just the same as me but i try to open the door but. It still won’t open but when  i pick up a snow and chuck it to the door and then i walk away when i look back. It was open and then i went inside and look where was the doll but it was gone and then when i look. Back and a man was behind me i was shocked he didn’t talk to me he lift me up and then chuck. Me into the window the i wouldn't walk i know that i was a doll. Then i saw the men laughing at me i tried to talk but i can’t then i was crying he was changed into another doll.Then when i saw all the other doll they were just the same as the other doll.
It the ends of the world ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha

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