Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Lanzie River

The problem was that they can’t drink water but when i watch this movie i feel like i was going to spui in front.

our class and it was sad as well but they should not chuck bodies to the river.

and rubbish and they should not wee in the river because it is just mean that you don’t really care about water.

they should just take wee in the ground but not in the river because that the only one thing for one of.

the problem and it is bad to hold you wee because you might get a kidney problem so that is just sad and on.

problem is that they frew rubbish and drink the same water that they.

wee poo and spu and you might get disease and that mean that you might die and they know that.

they will die so that why they don’t want to drink water but just drink or maybe they should drink beer.

that the only thing that they should do but that what i thoust but the only thing is that they should.

save money to go to NZ AUS that the only thing but that the thing what i am going to do if that was me and.

you get to drink if the NZ  plani come to InDia and you can drink water and that is a good thing but they.

only thing is that you will never see you friends again and what if you miss them and you want to go back to you country or you.
should work for it to get money and they should call their friends that they will pay them to come to NZ or AUS and that a good thing to do.

WATER problem they should not frew dead body to the river and to don’t chuck rubbish if you a going to do.

but just dig it and put it in a hole and put it there or just get a plastic bag. and put your rubbish there i.

hope this doesn't come to NZ and i will be so so disated if that happen.

but likely that NZ people helps us to keep us safe and i thank them for that and i am so health because of them.

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