Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Lanzie writing about the Doll

I creeped into the door of unknown house that a doll just look just the same as me but i try to open the door but. It still won’t open but when  i pick up a snow and chuck it to the door and then i walk away when i look back. It was open and then i went inside and look where was the doll but it was gone and then when i look. Back and a man was behind me i was shocked he didn’t talk to me he lift me up and then chuck. Me into the window the i wouldn't walk i know that i was a doll. Then i saw the men laughing at me i tried to talk but i can’t then i was crying he was changed into another doll.Then when i saw all the other doll they were just the same as the other doll.
It the ends of the world ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhha

I creeped into the door i saw a person who look just the same as me so when i flowed him he went to the fish a chip shop and when i flowing him i saw my mum but he was going to the person who was in the fish and chip shop so i ran to him and punch him in the stomach and he said welcome home and he grabbed me and put me on his bag where dolls  just look the same as me so i tried to scream but i can’t and i know that i was a doll so i didn’t say anything.

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