Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The alien destroy the erath

once upon a time an alien came from space and landed in the back garden of sam and his dad. Sam and his Dad were cooking some sausages and when they saw the alien sam said look  dad look at that it is an alien and he is coming to eat us and his dad said no he isn't he is trying to destroy the earth. But when the alien came down sams mum said who is it when the alien knocked on the door and when sams sister came and opened the door and the alien said give me your dad so i can tell him something and sam sister said no and when the alien was angry and the dad came inside and the alien said where is sam said the alien and dad said he is outside cooking our  sausages  and when the alien said give me some and I will go back to space and  when sam dad said sam and sam said yes he said can you give the aliens some  sausages  and when sam gave the alien all of the  sausages, the alien went back to space. so he wasn’t trying to destroy the world….he was just a little bit hungry!!! the end.

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