Monday, 23 June 2014

Flying Boats and Coral Island 1.4.06

Flying Boats and Coral Island 1.4.06
WALT: Understand the story as it is read.
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1. Why does Max live in kiribati? so they can finde out of some coral.

2. List places where coral wouldn’t like to grow:
- Canada
-  Antartica

3. How do growth rings help scientist? So the will know how old it is.

4. Why do they use a flying boat? so they can find coral

5. Why do you have to be careful with coral?because it is precious.  

6. How come people don’t make coral jewelry anymore? because they can make paper

Blogger: Find a beautiful picture of coral, then draw your own version using sumo paint or ABCya paint. Post with a few sentences about the story or about facts about coral. Brain coral