Monday, 9 June 2014

Living in a Shipwreck

Living in a Shipwreck

1.2.07 Part 1

WALT: Analyze surface features and the language used

1. The Star of Canada sank in this story. A word that describes how it sank is = ‘Slowy’. Now we can write ‘Sank Slowly’. Two words that start with the same letter (like sank & slowly) and are put next to each other is called; Alliteration. Other examples of alliteration are; Fast Frog or Stinky Snail.

Find alliteration for these words from the story.

woodn  Washbasin
Roud reef  Reef

Captain Cabin Cabin

Star stairs   Stairs

2. What is a shipwreck? it is a House

3. How did the ship sink? because there is a big rock was in the water

4. Why do you think the part of the ship they saved was called the wheelhouse? because it house and it put it in a big bout

5. What is a barge? it is a beautiful bout

6. Find  and mark Gisborne on a map of New Zealand using google drawing. Mark and name 3 near by towns. star ship


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