Thursday, 22 June 2017

Inquiry It is so cool to be in a group

First we have to sit on the mat for Mr Wiseman rules and he sent us to a table so we can work on our wood first we have to measure the wood about 30 centimeter and then we have to check it again if it is right we can start cutting but Mr Wiseman teach us how to cut it but i said i can not do it because i have a feeling that i will destroy it so i just let it to the others to do the work but one of the person have to blow the dust so we  know the we a cutting in the right line after that we have to cut the 40 centimeter after that Mr Wiseman told us to bring the sore because the girls need it so he got another sore so it was a little sharp so we started cutting it when it was finish Mr Wiseman said great work  he said you are done for today go and finish of your Thinking Diary.

I hope you enjoy 

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